My Experience with a Summer Snowstorm.

Are you wondering why you do what you do to make your life even crazier than it was the last time you had a chance to check in? For me it is sometimes about cause and effect, that is everything has an an impact on my daily routine. EVERYTHING....I'm not sure how I manage to put more into my day but like many we do, however it usually comes at a cost.

This past month I purchased an item that was life changing. Let me shed a little history before I go much further with my purchase. I have a busy household with sports, careers, extended family, pets etc. I often find myself cleaning and picking up, in reality it is more like every waking moment I tend to this very busy household. I find comfort in and love my pets. Penny, a purebred Siberian Husky and Coby, a cute little orange cat. Yes, life is as full as you might imagine as they play, eat, drink, shed and all the other fun things that pets do. They bring so much joy and I am so grateful for them but, again, I am obsessed with that ball of fur that gets bigger by the second as the ceiling fan swirls it around the house gaining size much like a snowball becomes a snowman. If you have ever seen a husky, you understand that shedding is what they do best. Oh but I love the breed and Penny is such a great dog, I gladly vacuum daily for her (mostly to keep my sanity). "What a great dog she is"... I thought, "so great we should get another"...wait what?, another?

All agreed, it was a great idea. Next thing I knew we were actively making plans to welcome another Husky into our family, "after all, it couldn't be much worse than what I have now with Penny, right? I already vacuum daily, what is a little more fur?", I rationalized.

Emma came to us a year ago, she was so fluffy at 6 weeks, such a cutie. The first year with Emma went by in a flash. She grew and although a little crazy... well ok, a lot crazy, she is such a great addition to our family. She and Penny are great friends. Like I said, the first year was great. Emma didn't add much more work to the daily routine, that was until she actually had a full coat of fur to shed, then one day it hit like a snowstorm. I couldn't keep up with the two of them. Despite frequent brushing, daily vacuuming turned to a couple of time a day. It seemed that was all I did with my free time. There was so much, the ceiling fan in the family room not only would spin it around and create a big ol' ball of fur, I watched with my own two eyes as it floated to the top of the entertainment center.

It seems that around the same time I began to feel that I had no time for myself anymore. I wasn't working out as often and which made me a bit frustrated and unfulfilled. I was baffled as I was always able to make time for myself and a bit of exercise every day. ..what had changed? I had to get to the bottom of this ... I wanted my 30 minutes back! What I found is that I was taking care of not one but two dogs. In my obsession to control the fur balls, I put my workout time on the back burner for a "moment" only to never return later in the day. Emma grabbed that 30 minutes a day that I had set aside for myself. I was upset, frustrated and feeling less that stellar about myself and Emma. I realized that I had actually done this to myself and for a brief (very brief) moment I regretted getting Emma.

Being a Life Coach and knowing that I needed to define what it was that made me frustrated and feeling badly. Once I understood the source of angst, I needed to create & execute a plan to put a solution into place quickly. I narrowed the root cause of my angst and was not Emma at all, it was that elusive fur ball floating around, getting bigger and bigger. Now I had to find a solution to keep that fur in check. Thus my life changing purchase last month. Yes, I bought a robotic vacuum. One of those that go out at set times, maps the house and just goes around picking up messes everywhere. I claim that this has been life changing because it simply is changing. Rosie goes out twice daily. one time to vacuum the entire first floor and then later in the day to vacuum the living room which seems to be where the dogs spend most of their time. This is the best damn invention! I don't know how I ever lived without Rosie and don't ever intend to again. Is it really life changing? you might ask.... Well I got my 30 minutes back to my day, something that I need to feel my best and do something for myself. Anything that allows me time to do that is life changing in my book.

Our Challenges are sometimes easily managed, and the solution may even be life changing. Even if it is a summer snowstorm. Always be open to re-evaluation and re-setting.

While participating in an endurance ride on my Peloton bike tonight, Rosie drove on by, doing what she does best...chasing that elusive fur ball. A task that I gladly hand over to her.


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