Saving the Art of Nursing...One Nurse at a Time

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

“I’ve done this all wrong!!!How could I possibly be at this point in my life with nothing to show for it all??!!” My mind was screaming, my head in my hands and my heart and soul numb. This is how I woke many mornings. Feeling as I did after a night out with my college cohorts after completing our last final exam in Nursing School… except, I no longer felt that I could change the world, one patient at a time, one shift at a time… nope, I just had the headache not from celebrating but from insomnia, I didn’t even feel that I could make a difference anymore, in fact I didn’t feel a thing, just numbness all around. “Why” I thought, “I have given so much to so many, why am I so empty? lost? Why don’t I have a purpose anymore? What is it that made my life so damn pathetic??” This rumbled around my mind daily, usually to the tune of that Talking Heads song you know the one; “Once in a Lifetime"

Yes, I was there, in fact, I had to step away from bedside Nursing, I could no longer tolerate, well … anything, not Care Plans, not floating, not med rounds, not families, not Physicians, Nursing administration, that damn charting, “The Joint Commission”…nope none of it. Couldn’t tolerate anymore (I could actually reference another Talking Heads song here but I will leave that to your imagination). I wanted out! Ironically, so much of what I did,I actually lived for, and loved dearly. Nursing was not a job but it defined me. How could I be so disenchanted with something that actually defined ME and MY PURPOSE??

After much help, soul searching, meditations and you name it I was able to scratch and claw my way back to defining my purpose and feeling fulfilled again. Funny thing is that it never really deviated from what defined me to begin with. I am still a Nurse, (I always say, “once a Nurse, always a Nurse”) longing to make a difference. There are many other things implied within that statement but that revelation marked the beginning to where I am now.

I am a Well-Being Coach for Nurses. I work with Nurses experiencing a lackluster enthusiasm that once drove them to their passions. Why Nurses you may ask, well, it is because no one really takes care of the Nurse. Nurses are left to wallow in their apathy and lethargy day after day. Lets face it, Nurses are overburdened (and I say that lovingly) with caring and not enough self-Care, just to give more of themselves day after day. It is my passion to save the art of Nursing, One Nurse at a time.

Here it is... the best part, 🤗....It is time for you to Love yourself and treat yourself in the manner that you treat everyone and everything you come across in your path. even better yet, I can be your “partner in crime” as you begin your journey to fulfillment.

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