They say patience is a virtue...

I’ve been pondering the true meaning of this word and how the action of patience shows up for me today. I have unassumingly become the caregiver of my aging mother. While she cares for herself ok, she, in the same token doesn’t. She lives with us in our meager home in SW Florida... all of us, me, my 12 year old son, my husband, HIS mother, two dogs, a cat and my mom. Patience is an odd concept when looking at something as simple as ..., let’s say,... a generation gap(s). A 12 year old and an 88 year old. Together, they make a century. Together they represent multiple generations, together they are like oil & water. They are like siblings, each looking to ride shotgun and make our once simple ride to the grocery store fraught with complexities. The arguments, tattling and stubborn competition to be right, each for their own reasons. On a good day, this could test the Patience of the Pope ... much less mine. Add to that a number of other variables (to include the rest of the family), I am pretty sure that I am on Ozzy’s Crazy Train! My mother always said that “Patience is a Virtue”. I never truly knew what that meant. I’m not sure she ever knew herself. What I do know is that patience is another way to care; taking a deep breath and being empathetic to the situation, being kind, being curious, being supportive, actually ... just being. Patience is being able to take a step back, not reacting but just observing ... just being, and yet just another expression of Love. When our days get crazy and there isn’t enough of you to go around, and that patient or loved one just needs a little more, take a breath and just “be”. Be the observer rather than the reactor. You will be surprised how this resonates and elevates you.

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